Why the name Stubborn Pursuits?

During their separation Sharon desperately and stubbornly pursued God. She wanted to obey Him more than she wanted her own way to be out of her painful marriage. She did this through intensive Bible studies, many hours of prayer and counseling.

Richard had a strong conviction that Jesus had said, ‚ÄúTherefore what God has joined together, let man not separate,” (Mark 10:9) so he stubbornly refused to be a party to any voluntary dissolution to his marriage. He spent much time in Bible study and pursued God through worship and prayer counseling. He doggedly searched for good resources to help him hold onto hope for his marriage and to make adjustments in his own life.

Richard and Sharon firmly believe that couples in marriage crisis need to stubbornly pursue God in their individual lives first, and then stubbornly pursue reconciliation in their marriage. It is not likely to be an easy journey, but they can testify that it is well worth it. They gave God a chance and He performed a miracle of reconciliation.