Marriage Crisis

We’ve been where you are! We want to give you hope.

  • Find a prayer partner – one who will stand with you for your marriage.
  • Begin The Love Dare with your spouse. Depending on the severity of your crisis, a few “dares” may be impractical at the moment, but if you do 30 out of 40, and do them by email or letter if necessary, you will have made a huge step forward in showing your spouse your love for them.
  • For daily encouragement, go to Rejoice Ministries and sign up for the daily e-mail, Charlyne Cares. This woman walked the talk in that she prayed and fasted for her husband to come home even after they divorced and he was with another woman.
  • Look at the resources listed below or the ones we have provided links to on our Resource Page.
  • Contact us for more information, hope and resources.

Links for a Marriage in Crisis