About Us

Wildman8Richard and Sharon Wildman understand first-hand about troubled marriages. Early on in their relationship they struggled with miscommunication and poor conflict resolution. By the time they had been married 17 years, their relationship had dwindled to conversations about only the essential matters regarding their farming operations and children.

With Sharon feeling as though she had no other option, the couple eventually separated for 16 months. She began to plan for divorce while Richard, on the other hand, was resolved that God was going to intervene and heal their broken relationship. After having worked with four different counselors over a four-year period both before and during their separation, the breakthrough finally came when they attended a PAIRS® seminar. They reconciled a few months later.

Richard and Sharon possess a passion to share the skills they learned (and are now certified to teach) with as many couples as possible. With their goal to help others find hope in their struggles, they have taken what was a tragedy and turned it into triumph and a ministry. Their prayer is that no one will go through what they’ve experienced (1 Corinthians 1:4, NIV). In the years since their reconciliation they have learned much about relationship education, marriage coaching, and many other ways to help build, strengthen, and restore relationships.

In 2005, the Wildmans moved to the Washington, D.C. area as catalysts for change in marriage and family ministry. They taught workshops, seminars and marriage coaching to couples. Early in 2009 God called them back to Ohio to continue marriage ministry from their hometown.

Richard obtained a B.S. in Farm Management from Purdue University (1980) and has worked as a professional farm manager in Bloomington, Illinois. Following his father’s death, he moved back to his roots on the family farm in Ohio. In the years since, Richard has crop-farmed, raised beef cattle, fed calves for a neighboring dairy, and run his own trucking company.

In the past Sharon has worked for a publishing company, served as art director for a collegiate sportswear company, was executive assistant to the owner of multiple restaurants, served as bookkeeper for churches in Ohio and Maryland, and has been the office assistant for a national marriage ministry. Today she works as bookkeeper for the family farm and is treasurer for two Christian non-profits.

Richard and Sharon live back on their farm in Ohio and provide life and marriage coaching to individuals and couples, consultation to businesses for hiring and team-building, and teach relationship education seminars for churches and organizations. They are certified in several relationship curricula and assessments and are trained life coaches.

They are enjoying being “empty-nesters”. Their son, Matt, is an area crop specialist for a soil consulting company in Lincoln, Nebraska. He married Kelsey in September 2015 and made Richard and Sharon grandparents of a beautiful little girl in January 2019. Their daughter, Sarah, is a business jet pilot based in Columbus, Ohio.

(If you’d like to know a little about what we do other than marriage ministry, we have another blog here.)