Finding Hope During a Separation

One of many struggles that I had during my separation from my wife was finding hope that our marriage could turn around. Part of the struggle was that at first glance, most of the couples I knew in our church that had separated, had eventually divorced.

Fortunately, over time with God’s help, I did find some in our congregation that I knew who had been separated or at least in a major marital crisis and had recovered. That was hugely encouraging.

Other places I found huge hope was the Reconciliation lesson that was part of Divorce Care and The Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce series. Both of them had some awesome testimonies of marriages recovering from things such as adultery, domestic violence, etc.

I didn’t know about them at the time, but the Braggs at Inverse Ministries have a testimony of being separated by 11 years and 3000 miles. I think a video of their testimony is on their website and I have heard them in person and it is awesome.

Rejoice Ministries has an awesome testimony of Bob and Charlyne. They actually got divorced because of his affairs and then his wife was convicted by God to pray and fast for him, and they have been back together for years now. They have other testimonies on their website.

Joe and Michelle Williams with Reconciling God’s Way were married multiple times before each other then went through a separation of their own as Christians. Out of that trial they wrote the study “Reconciling God’s Way” [now Marriage 911] which is designed to be used if even only one spouse wants to save the marriage.

All of these resources are listed on our Links section of this blog.

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