Super Bowl Divorce Analogy

I know I may be saying the same things I have said before, but I am trying to figure out a way to really help people slow down, think, and then put their all into saving their marriage even when things don’t look good.

I am a football widower – my wife loves watching – I don’t, but I did sit and join her for the last 45 seconds of this year’s Super Bowl between the Giants and the Patriots. The Giants were behind with 45 seconds left and made a huge play and got a touchdown. The Patriots did make a valiant effort to come back.

My thoughts went to struggling marriages and how sad I am when people basically quit trying when their spouse moves out, or has an affair, or says they don’t love them, or files for divorce. It puzzles me how many who really don’t want a divorce give up long before any court decree. To me, it seems it is premature to give up until at least you are divorced and your spouse remarries, but that may even be too soon because there are testimonies of people who didn’t give up even then and still eventually reconciled, sometimes remarried, but at least often got to civilized friendship.

Just think where the Giants would be if they had just stopped trying with one minute left on the clock, put in there third string, and just hoped for a miracle. They probably wouldn’t be the Super Bowl Champs.

I didn’t see this, but just read this morning that there was a short ad on TV just before the kickoff of the Super Bowl where some Patriots players looked right at the camera and said they were going to win and they guaranteed it. Sometimes spouses who want out of a marriage say things about as brash like, “It is over and there is nothing you can do about it.”

They are not always right…..

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