Testimonies of Reconciliation

In Revelation 12 there is a Scripture that reads “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up into digging through the Scriptures for yourself and studying what others have to say about whether you or your spouse has a biblical reason for a divorce. One thing I found helpful was to lay all of that aside and listen to testimonies. The more I heard testimonies the more hope I had that someway, somehow Sharon and I could be reconciled. So here are some I learned. I hope they encourage people to hang in there because “with God all things are possible.”

Bob and Charlyne from http://www.rejoicemarriageministries.org/ are a reconciled couple. He was having affairs and other issues years ago. Charlyne went to her pastors who advised her to divorce him, which she did. She was then convicted that what she had done was wrong, and started praying and fasting for him. He came home, they remarried, and now they have been ministering for years together. Their website is an awesome resource of testimonies, practical help, and prayer support for those who are separated.

In the Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce video series http://www.churchinitiative.org/, and Divorce Care video series http://www.divorcecare.org/, there are multiple testimonies of healed marriages. I don’t remember names but here are some of the testimonies I remember:

A man and woman had so much anger between them that they had court orders to stay apart, but eventually they reconciled.

There were couples who had survived adultery who had reconciled their marriages.

Clint and Penny Bragg had a storybook church wedding, divorced a couple of years later, then moved 3000 miles apart. After 11 years they miraculously reconciled. You can read and listen to their story at http://www.inverseministries.org/.

I know a husband who had domestic violence issues, he was confronted by his wife, got help, and now they lead a marriage ministry.

I know a couple where both the husband and wife had affairs, but they continued to stay married through healing from all that. He is now an elder in their church, they are recognized for their love, and they have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Another couple I met recovered from the husband’s affair and now help marriages in their community.

When I was considering whether to invite Sharon to http://www.retrouvaille.org/, one of the intake people there testified that she and her husband attended Retrouvaille when he was still having an affair, but they reconciled and are now Retrouvaille leaders.

God is at work in marriages and still does marriage miracles.

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