Retrouvaille is a weekend of renewal for struggling couples. During our separation I had heard so much good about Retrouvaille that I was looking for the right opportunity to ask Sharon to go in a last ditch effort to save our marriage. Fortunately, a PAIRS seminar came along and she was willing to go to that instead.

Retrouvaille means “rediscovery”. The format is that a couple goes to a hotel or a retreat center for a long weekend. Presenters, who are lay couples and who have been through Retrouvaille, give talks on various aspects of communication. The talks are the same no matter what Retrouvaille you go to, but each couple interjects some of their own story. The presenters are couples who have also struggled in their marriages. After a talk there is time for the couple to go back and practice what they have just learned. No one has to share details with anyone else. Retrouvaille started in the Catholic church, but you don’t have to be Catholic or even religious to attend.

They ask for an anonymous donation to help cover the cost of the weekend, but people are not turned away for money issues. There are follow-up sessions for several weeks after a weekend that are highly recommended.

There have been judges who have ordered couples to go to the weekend to try one last time before he would declare a divorce.

When I called for information I talked to a lady who had attended with her husband while he was still having an affair. They reconciled and now they speak at Retrouvaille.

Retrouvaille weekends are offered all over the country. Please see their website for locations, testimonies and more information.

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