Reconciling God’s Way

Joe and Michelle Williams had multiple marriages in their pasts. As a Christian married couple they separated. In their desperation not to go through another divorce, they really sought God. Eventually they reconciled, and from their experiences, they created a study called Reconciling God’s Way (

RGW has weekly lessons in a notebook that help you to focus as individuals on God and His Word. They are fairly short and simple, but can be very “deep”. You go through the study with a same-sex mentor. Ideally each separated partner has their own workbook and same-sex mentor. After you go through the workbook alone and with your mentor, then you share with your partner. If only one partner is willing to work on the marriage, they still get a same-sex mentor and do the studies. The whole premise is that even with only one of the partners connecting with God, it lays the foundation for reconciliation.

During our separation, our counselor told us about Reconciling God’s Way. Sharon agreed to do it with me, and with great hope and excitement on my part, and with reluctance on Sharon’s part, we got our same-sex mentors and began. On our second or third time out together after starting, Sharon told me she was getting a divorce.

Thankfully I had heard that this study could be used even with only one partner being willing. I carried right on and finished the whole study with my mentor, who was a huge source of encouragement.

By God’s grace, we did reconcile, although it was quite awhile after I had finished the study.

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