What Are Community Marriage Resources?

Community Marriage Resources have been assembled by various groups around the country. They are normally resource centers to help premarried couples, married couples, struggling couples, divorced couples, and step families. Some of the resources they offer will be local such as seminars. Other resources can be used by anyone anywhere.

Some of the Community Marriage Resources were established by what are called CMP’s also known as a Community Marriage Policies. The Community Marriage Policy concept has been spearheaded by Mike McManus with Marriage Savers (http://www.marriagesavers.org/). In a CMP city the clergy voluntarily come together to sign a document where each agrees to uphold marriages, and to have minimum standards before they marry people, and to also help set up resources for marriages in their congregation. If you live near one of the cities listed with CMP’s you can contact them for help in your situation.

If there is a marriage topic that you are interested in that I haven’t covered to your satisfaction, I would suggest reviewing the Community Marriage Resources listed under our Links. You are likely to find a treasure trove of help for many situations even if a group is not local to you.

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