Simplicity of The Love Dare

I think as married people we often believe that loving our spouse is either so hard we don’t know how to do it or something nebulous or beyond us. The nice thing about “The Love Dare” is that it shows us what love looks like in action, and it can be very simple things, although some can be hard to decide to do.

Some of the simple things are “Do one unexpected kindness for your spouse” or “Buy something unexpected for your spouse”. A little harder is “To resolve to say nothing negative to your spouse.”

Hopefully, I will make a habit of so many more of these actions.

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1 Response to Simplicity of The Love Dare

  1. Author says:

    Can I comment on my own blog? Today’s dare isn’t so much fun “Ask your spouse three things that frustrate them about you?” Ouch.

    But you know, maybe it is better to at least know some of these things, and hopefully over time I can make adjustments.

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