I just asked a friend, a former counselor, what he has found to be helpful in encouraging couples to hang on to their marriages. He responded “Testimonies of other restored marriages.” I remember back to our separation that testimonies were one of the main things that gave me hope.

Here are just a few testimonies I can quickly remember. Names have been changed, but I suspect most would be willing to testify of God’s work in their lives to help another couple.

  • Sue had an affair many years ago with Joe’s good friend. She eventually confessed it, he confessed his time with a prostitute on a business trip, and now they are one of the most loving older couples I know.
  • Dick had an affair. Carol eventually found out. I believe they continued to live together, worked through the issues, and now work in their community to reconcile marriages.
  • Dave had on more than one occasion engaged in domestic violence. Joy confronted him and threatened to leave. He got good counseling help; now they lead the marriage ministry in their church.
  • My own wife and I were separated 16 months. My wife promised to divorce me and hired an attorney. We went to a one-day seminar where we learned PAIRS – Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills – and now we are together and trained as marriage coaches and mentors.
  • Clint and Penny Bragg (their real names) were married, divorced, moved 3000 miles apart and didn’t even know where the other one was. God brought them back together after 11 years and now they are remarried and have a marriage ministry. See Inverse Ministries.

For even more testimonies, see Rejoice Ministries.

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