The Bachelor

Well, unless you are totally out of the media loop, which really might not be an all bad thing, you know by now that this season’s Bachelor got engaged to one girl on TV and then six weeks later dumped her on national TV to date his #2 choice.You will also know that a lot of people are not happy about his decision. I have not been a big Bachelor fan, but did watch some shows towards the end of the season.
One thought I have had is that even though he caused Melissa (his first choice) a lot of pain, and we can argue until the cows come home if he should have known it before he gave her the ring, far better a broken engagement, than a broken marriage.
One thing that was mentioned several times on the show was the importance of following your heart. That reminded me of something I heard lately from some speaker or writer about the fact that we need to lead our hearts, not just follow them. I think that is a very good concept. The Bible does tell us that we need to guard our hearts. We do have to be careful with our hearts, keep our brain engaged, and think Biblically, or we can wind up in all sorts of messes.
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