Yesterday I happened to be on Facebook. One post was from a lady I know who was saying she was thankful for 16 years of marriage. The next post was from another lady I happen to know is divorced or in the final stages of divorce.

I don’t know either women deeply, but they both go to the same church faithfully, are in the same age bracket, both have children, both have always been kind and friendly to me when I have spoken to them.

The thought crossed my mind – this is a picture of the church- about half divorced. I just wondered to myself what the differences are behind the scenes as to why one marriage has held in there and one didn’t. My hunch is the lady whose marriage didn’t make it is wondering the same thing.

I just feel sad at how many marriages, even in the church, don’t make it. One thing I heard several times in Divorce Care is that each divorce is the death of a small civilization.

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