Focus on Marriage/Dr. Julianna Slattery

Dr. Slattery serves as the family psychologist at Focus on the Family. She is the author of Finding the Hero in Your Husband.

Marriage is the most powerful relationship on the face of the earth. Your husband’s greatest need is to be a hero to you. To be someone who is worthy, competent, can be counted on and be that one in the clutch that you turn to. But, your husband asks himself “Am I a hero, or a zero?” in her eyes?

In their heart of hearts they ask – “Do you believe in me; in the man that I am?” “Will you be there for me?” He wants a teammate who is for him.

Wives, these questions give us great power in our relationship with our husbands. How will be respond? The call on our husband to leadership is a call to courage. Help him learn how to lead you.

We can have two responses when our husband leads – relief when he does or fear of him making a wrong decision. Will we trust God above it all to work in every situation in our marriage whether our husband makes a wrong decision or not? Can we believe that God can work all things for good? Our husband is human, he will make mistakes and sometimes we also have to live through the consequences of those mistakes, but if we are trusting God above all, He will work it for good. Help to build your husband up and not tear him down in your response.

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