Is Your God Too Small?

I was praying one day about several things that were bothering me. They seemed too big, too complicated, too messy to even figure out. Then I got hit between the eyes (again) with this verse from Luke 1:37 (NIV), “For nothing is impossible with God.” Nothing. No thing is too big for God to handle. Nothing you can bring to him is beyond his ability to heal, deliver, provide for, set right . . . nothing. I was convicted that God was too small in my eyes and that I needed a new perspective.

A few days later, I was in a bookstore just perusing the shelves and asked God to help me find something that would remind me of how big a God He truly is. I found this little gem:

The Heavens: Intimate Moments with Your Majestic God by Kevin Hartnett. Wow! It has hundreds of pictures of stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets, and the constellations taken by Hubble and other telescopes. Mind-boggling pictures that go along with devotionals written to coincide. It has helped me remember that the God who loves us and died for us is truly a big God who can take care of me.

So, since you don’t have the book in your hands right now, this is just about the next best thing. A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook today. Take a few minutes to enjoy God’s creation and get a new perspective of Him.

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2 Responses to Is Your God Too Small?

  1. And nothing’s too small to take to God — like asking for guidance in a bookstore.

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