Some Thoughts About This Blog

I (Richard) first conceived of this blog/website as a place for someone in a crisis marriage to go and to find lots of resources to help them quickly and to give them hope from our own story.

So often I have conversations in person, by phone, or email with people who have just found out their spouse wants out of the marriage.  They are in a panic, and even though I know about lots of resources, it is hard to remember the exact spelling of each website and whether it is a .com, .org or something else.

It is nice to have one place to point a person in crisis where they can spend a little time and have a wealth of information – many of them the same resources that were so helpful to me during our separation. Most of the issues and questions that arise are very similar to things that I faced so it is nice to have a place where some of my thoughts have been articulated.

Another purpose of this blog and website was to have a place for people who know of a crisis marriage to get information and hope. During our separation there were many people who could see Sharon and I were hurting, they wanted to help, but often didn’t really understand what we were facing or where to point us other than counseling.

Counseling is very appropriate and helpful in crisis situations however, you can only cover so much in a one hour appointment. There are many issues that a person in crisis is facing that I hoped to have a place where friends and family can get information to help the person. Also I hope that those friends and relatives can realize from my experience that if their friend or relative facing a crisis seems a little out of sorts or doesn’t act like themselves normally, that is to be expected. Maybe the person reading this on behalf of someone else will better know how to help their friend or relative to get stabilized in their situation.

Sharon and I are also involved with marriage education for pre-marrieds or for those just wanting to enrich their marriage, so I hope some of our articles about building a good marriage are helpful. I also hope we are honest enough about our own current ups and downs in marriage that the average couple will realize they are normal and their marriage isn’t over if they have some bumps in their own relationship. We usually help pre-marital couples or newlyweds take off the rose-colored glasses a bit when it comes to marriage and have a little reality check, without bursting their “bubbles” about marriage.

Beyond all of the above sometimes it is just nice to share some thoughts, experiences or articles that happen to appeal to us that we think might appeal to others.  Whatever drew you here, we sincerely pray that you are helped by our resources and encouraged by our testimony.

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