Questions to Ask About Marriage/Divorce Scriptures

If you are in a marriage crisis, or someone you care about is, I would suggest that you or they read the Scripture links that I have for marriage and divorce. Then pray and ask God for His insight. Here are some questions to ask. A lot of these I asked myself during our separation. On this blog you will see the ways I’ve answered various ones. My goal here is to help you think through your situation with God’s Word and God’s help.

1. What evidence do I have that my spouse has either been faithful or unfaithful to me. How confident am I in that evidence?
2. If I know my spouse has committed adultery, do these Scriptures show that I have to divorce them, or is that even an option?
3. If my spouse is a Christian and is not committing adultery, what reasons do I see in Scripture for a divorce in our situation?
4. If I am a Christian and my spouse is not, what reasons do I see in these Scriptures for a divorce in our situation?
5. How do I interpret my Scriptural right to remarry in our circumstances if I institute a divorce or sign a voluntary dissolution?
6. What does it mean for “two to become one flesh”?
7. What does it mean for our situation when Jesus says, “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder?”
8. If my spouse is not interested in reconciling, and I institute divorce proceedings or sign a voluntary dissolution, whose hearts are hard?
9. We, the church, are the bride of Christ. How has Jesus treated me when I have rejected Him or disappointed Him? What does this mean for how I should treat my spouse if they have and/or continue to reject or disappoint me?
10. What issues do I really need to think through, study, pray about more, before I make any decisions related to divorce?
11. Where can I go for further help?
12. What did I mean (regardless of what my spouse is saying or doing now) when I promised, “For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health as long as we both shall live”?

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