Saving Your Marriage When You’re The Only One Who Wants To

Many marriages in crisis have just one spouse who really wants to save the marriage. So often I hear comments like, “It takes two to save a marriage”, which usually means, “My spouse doesn’t want to work at our marriage, so I am quitting.” I believe too many spouses give up too quickly. To read some of what I did when my wife wanted out of our marriage, see my posts “Short Testimony” and “I Want To Do Everything Possible To Save My Marriage.”

If nothing in all of that is something you want to try, or if my testimony isn’t enough to convince you to try to save your marriage when your spouse wants out, then here are some other resources to give you some ideas and some hope.

The Hope Line at
Divorce Busting Coaching at
Larry Bilotta’s resources at
Dr. Phil McGraw’s “Relationship Rescue” materials at

If you feel like these are not for you, keep clicking through my resource lists until something seems to stand out to you. My encouragement is to keep trying.

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