What I Sometimes Feel Like Saying

When a couple comes to me about their marriage being fractured, what I feel like saying is “I challenge both of you to watch the movie ‘Fireproof”, to get the book “The Love Dare”, and actually do The Love Dare for 40 days.

If there is something in The Love Dare, that you believe you just can’t do or won’t do, then journal and pray about it. I am willing to help you process it, but hopefully the majority of the days you can do without hesitation. If the two of you are not willing to spend a couple of hours watching the movie Fireproof and from 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day doing The Love Dare, then there is no need for us to spend time together. I would rather spend my time with someone who is really serious about their marriage. You also may as well both get good attack-dog lawyers and go ahead and dismantle your marriage.

And by the way, don’t come back whining to me when your kids are a mess, act out and need professional care, when your finances are a wreck and you are living below the poverty line, and when you find out your spouse is sleeping with someone else, or when you are in massive depression.”

Well, maybe I shouldn’t be quite this blunt, but someway I am trying to figure out how to word things to really wake people up and inspire them to go all out for saving their marriage.

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