Thoughts on My Love Dare Journey

I watched the movie Fireproof on opening weekend in late September. Right after the movie I went across the street to Barnes and Noble and bought the book “The Love Dare”. The next day I started doing it. My daily notes are at

One thing I realize is that when you break love down some things are pretty simple to do one step at a time. Some steps to actually walk out love are hard and really require the love of Jesus working through me to accomplish.

I was traveling out of state a good part of the time I was doing The Love Dare. Most of the dares I could do by phone or email; the ones I couldn’t I just waited until I got home. One site that was greatly encouraging was by Eric and Jennifer Garcia from AMFM (Association of Marriage and Family Ministries). They each blogged their daily love dares. Their authenticity was so refreshing. Sometimes Eric went first, sometimes Jennifer went first, sometimes they wrote jointly, and sometimes they missed a couple of days because of circumstances.

I do feel more in love with my wife after participating in The Love Dare, and now have a good reference to go back to when I need an attitude adjustment.

I would love to hear anyone else’s journey on The Love Dare.

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