Fireproof: Love Is . . .

I found the daily titles for The Love Dare to be a great description of love, and just reading them gives me a practical reminder of ways to love my wife.

1: Love is Patient
2: Love is Kind
3: Love is Not Selfish
4: Love is Thoughtful
5: Love is Not Rude
6: Love is Not Irritable
7: Love Believes the Best
8: Love is Not Jealous
9: Love makes Good Impressions
10: Love is Unconditional
11: Love Cherishes
12: Love Lets the Other Win
13: Love Fights Fair
14: Love Takes Delight
15: Love is Honorable
16: Love Intercedes
17: Love Promotes Intimacy
18: Love Seeks to Understand
19: Love is Impossible
20: Love is Jesus Christ
21: Love is Satisfied in God
22: Love is Faithful
23: Love Always Protects
24: Love vs. Lust
25: Love Forgives
26: Love is Responsible
27: Love Encourages
28: Love Makes Sacrifices
29: Love’s Motivation
30: Love Brings Unity
31: Love and Marriage
32: Love Meets Sexual Needs
33: Love Completes Each Other
34: Love Celebrates Godliness
35: Love is Accountable
36: Love is God’s Word
37: Love Agrees in Prayer
38: Love Fulfills Dreams
39: Love Endures
40: Love is a Covenant

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