Love Dare Stories

Here are some stories from people who have watched the movie Fireproof or done some of “The Love Dare.” Some of these stories are wonderful testimonies, some are very sad, and some are still unfolding. As I read these and other marriage stories I feel sad that there are so many struggling marriages. I am encouraged to hear some inspiring testimonies.

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  1. paula king says:

    I did the love dare on my husband, then a year later he done it on me. We were probably headed for divorce both times but we still loved each other. We both thought we were saved and doing what God had planned for us. But God showed us both that we weren’t doing what he had planned for us. Both of us were active in church, but in the back of my mind I knew God didn’t want us to limit ourselves to just going and working in church. So I suggested we open a bar and grill. Suprised everyone in my life including my husband. 4 years after opening the bar and grill, we have church in our bar on Sunday. Yes we did the unthinkable, but we have reached people who vowed to never step foot in church. We have atheist ,buddist,Catholics,and a lot of people who thought God gave up on them or was once a Christian and got hurt by someone in church.My story is alot longer and I believe God put a bigger calling on our lives. Which I have not shared with many,but I believe he wants me to help people by giving them a hand up,not a hand out. And believe me it’s gonna take alot of money,time,devotion, attention, prayers, and love but I will do what God wants me to do. My marriage is still not perfect, but with God’s help we will be going on to do more of the things he leads us to do.I don’t know why I’m sharing all my private thoughts with all of you who are reading this but if you have any questions or answers for me,my email address is May God bless you all.

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