Awesome Marriage Post by Amanda Jones, Beth Moore’s daughter

I found this to be an awesome post about marriage. It was written by Amanda Jones, Beth Moore’s daughter.

There were some great comments about this post, including this one that really caught my eye by The Skaggs.

I believe love is a choice…Jesus uses the same word love when he says love your enemies as he uses for loving your spouse. I’m certainly not going to love my enemies with the same feel good, cloud 9, emotional love that I feel for my husband. I’m going to have to choose to love my enemies with Gods supernatural power in me, and I’m going to have to choose, daily in Gods power, to love my husband…whether I feel giddy about it that day or we’re working on some tough issues at the moment. So when someone comes to me and says they’ve fallen out of love with their spouse, the spark just isn’t there anymore, I’m going to say “no, you are choosing to not love your spouse anymore.” And I hope my friends would do the same for me! Hope that made sense! Praise God for the ministry y’all have!

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