Multiple Marriages/Attraction of Marriage

I was just looking on the web at some “Where are they now?” pictures and posts about a few famous actors and actresses. Many are on their third and fourth marriages. What is amazing to me is that they even keep trying when they are in an industry that openly promotes sex before marriage, adultery during marriage, gay sex, etc. I don’t know the religious background of these people or much about their individual stories of  failed marriages, but I do ponder why they keep trying.

The closest thing I can come up with is that deep in the human heart God has planted a desire for a life-long commitment – and that in spite of the cultural message, in spite of personal failure in prior attempts at marriage – there is still this hope there is such a thing as love that will remain the rest of our lives and that it is something worth trying for again.

Stories like this also give me hope that in spite of the cultural pressure against marriage, in the long run it will endure.

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