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Megyn Kelly and Dr. Laura Podcast

In the first hour of this Megyn Kelly show, she interviews Dr. Laura and they discuss marriage, parenting, sex, and life. I found it to be a fascinating and thought provoking discussion between two strong women who value marriage, have been … Continue reading

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Beck’s Hybrids Podcast

Becks is a seed corn company. They sponsor a podcast, Across the Acres, that is typically interviewing employees, dealers and farmers while connecting, challenging and inspiring others often about topics in agriculture. In this podcast, two Beck’s employees, Adam and … Continue reading

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Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers

If you are in marital crisis and are looking to scripture for advice, encouragement, and hope, or if you just want to have the best marriage possible by looking to what scripture has to say about marriage and relationships, what … Continue reading

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It Was Worth It

If you have read this blog much, you know that our marriage was very shaky at one time. We had a lot of pain, many struggles, and much work that had to be done to reconcile before we ended up … Continue reading

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“One Another” Scriptures

While most married Christian couples are aware of some specific scriptures about marriage, it’s often easy to forget that all the instructions about how to treat our brothers and sisters in Christ also apply to our relationships with our spouses. … Continue reading

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Marriage & Wedding Themes in Scripture

When you survey God’s big story in scripture you will notice that a wedding and/or a marriage are major themes starting at the beginning of history in Genesis, until the closing of time at the brink of eternity in Revelation.  … Continue reading

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Marriage & Divorce Scriptures

I want to bring most of the major Scriptures about marriage and divorce together in one place. If you are a Christian studying or contemplating marriage or divorce, you will probably often hear people say that the Bible says “this … Continue reading

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Old Behavior Patterns and Starting Over

One of Sharon’s and my struggles after our separation was that even though we had learned a lot of new communication and conflict resolution skills and adopted more positive attitudes towards each other during our separation – both of which … Continue reading

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Divorce Care

If you are separated or divorced, I highly suggest checking out Divorce Care. Divorce Care is a 13-week video driven small group. You meet weekly with other people experiencing separation or divorce and watch a video covering the topics listed … Continue reading

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Purpose For This Blog and Website

My main goal when I started this blog/website was to have one place on the internet where I could link resources primarily about marriage and relationships that I had found either helpful during our separation or helpful since we have … Continue reading

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