Secrets Of Sex and Marriage

Dr. Michael Sytsma and Shaunti Feldhahn have just released a new book titled Secrets of Sex and Marriage.

What is unique is that in preparation for writing the book, they paid for a professional survey of about 500 married couples in which both spouses answered the questions. Many of those questions were about sex, and the researchers could compare the answers of the spouses.

More commonly, research is done where just one spouse answers the survey questions, which provides useful information but just not as complete of a picture as when both spouses are answering the same survey.

The link above for the book has background information about the research and many helpful resources about sex in marriage.

Dr. Corey Allan (Passionately Married Podcast) had a great interview with Systma and Feldhahn about their book (click here).

Shannon Ethridge held separate interviews with Sytsma and Feldhahn.

You can find them here:

The Sytsma Interview

The Feldhahn Interview

One of the biggest takeaways from the book is that there is a broad range of normal regarding sexual frequency and desire.

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