Facebook and Your Marriage (K. Jason & Kelli Krafsky)

I just finished reading an awesome book entitled “Facebook and Your Marriage” by K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky. This is a fast read with a lot of practical tips about what Facebook is and how to use it, as well as how to be wise and use it for good in your marriage. Jason and Kelli also help couples walk through the minefield of Facebook that some have used to help destroy their  marriage.

They also have much good information at their website www.facebookandyourmarriage.com.

Personally, I have really enjoyed reconnecting with family and friends through Facebook.

I have been very pleasantly surprised how many Christians are among my former classmates and how bold they are about their faith. I often get some good devotional thoughts from their postings.

I am not afraid to hide the myriad of games that I don’t care to see.

I am not afraid to hide friends who post too much mundane stuff about their life. Lots of times I do keep them as friends so that if I hear of something major happening in their lives I can still check their wall, but I don’t have to see their everyday posts about everything.

I have found many good organizations to follow who have Facebook Fan Pages.

Lots of time my wife and I have good conversations about things we have seen on Facebook. We don’t have all friends in common, so we see different things about people and often check with each other to make sure we didn’t overlook something important the other might like to know. Sort of like having a conversation about what you read in the daily paper or heard at the coffee shop or grocery.

We do keep our relationship status posted as “Married”. Like the Jason and Kelli’s book mentioned – it is sort of like wearing your wedding ring in public.

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