Friday Ramblings

Just thought I would share a few things that have been running around in my head.

I should know it but sometimes I forget, if life is to be lived to the full it is to be all about Jesus. If marriage is to be all it should be it needs to be about Jesus.

I had a friend in his 70’s who contracted leukemia and for the next two and a half years he wrote his devotionals and journaled at He recently passed away and I was just randomly reading some of his old devotions. They were pointing right at the importance of the preeminence of Jesus in our lives.

I just read The Jesus Manifesto by Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet. Their theme was the supreme importance of Christ in our lives.

I also read Mere Churchianity by Michael Spencer where one of his key themes was getting our lives focused on Christ.

Our associate pastor at church had a sermon three weeks ago in which he was saying that we can look at Christ as “a Man”, “a Lamb”, or “a Lion”.

I know that during our separation I spent more time concentrating on the different aspects of Jesus and really seeking Him out – more than I probably ever had in my life – and He changed me in many ways.

I have been spending time browsing around the internet reading different marriage and relationship blogs and thinking how best to catalog and pull some of the best together so it will be helpful to others. What I post on here is just a small fraction of the good stuff I see.

As I have interacted with or heard about various people who have had multiple marriages and the struggles they are having now or have had in the past, I wonder why they didn’t slow down and get more help before going into a second, third or fourth marriage? Why will some people move into marriage with a partner who has had multiple marriages without taking longer to make sure that old issues and problems are resolved?

Which brings a quote from my pastor to mind from years ago, “One thing worse than not being married is being married to the wrong person.”

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