Jay and Laura Laffoon (AMFM Workshop)

I attended two breakout sessions with Jay and Laura Laffoon while I was at AMFM conference. Their primary theme was about how to make effective presentations. They travel as a team and provide Christian edutainment – education and entertainment combined.

They reminded us that every time we open our mouths we are either building God’s Kingdom or tearing it down. A practical tip they shared was that whether you are speaking to 10 people or 10,000 people you are really just speaking to individuals in a group setting.

One program they spoke highly about is by Ken Davis. He teaches about how to be a dynamic communicator and they believe his seminars are well worth attending.

Jay and Laura presented the SCORRE method of preparing for a presentation.

S = Subject.

C = Central Theme. Along with “Subject” answers the question, “What are you talking about?”

O = Objective. You need to be able to answer “Why?”.  This is the most important part of your presentation and you need to focus in on this with laser precision. The more focused you are the more powerful your presentation. Just like a laser light is more powerful than a flash light because it is so focused so your presentation should focus on a particular subject.

R = Rationale. This is the structure and logic of your presentation.

R = Resources. These add color and clarification to your presentation. They can be personal illustrations, props, references, handouts, or more.

E = Evaluation. Ask yourself questions such as “Am I practicing what I am preaching?” “Is this true to Scripture?” “Is this meeting the needs of my audience?”

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