Friday Random Ponderings

Well Tiger and Elin got divorced this week. I am sad for all of the parties involved. Sad for Tiger that he has had such a huge problem with women, sad for Elin’s pain, sad that the kids are going to grow up in a divided home.

I do wonder what the truth is of the relationship that Tiger and Elin had behind the scenes. Did he start out faithful in his marriage for awhile? She says that she had no clue of his womanizing. How in the world did he pull that off? Our military can’t even keep Top Secret documents from being posted on the web, a  handful of loyalists around Richard Nixon couldn’t keep a bungled burglary under wraps, and yet Tiger pulled off multiple affairs without his wife’s knowledge or suspicion. Regardless of  the truth of all the details, it is still sad that the end result is a lot of pain on the part of everyone involved.

One thing I ponder is how do we get  the overwhelming majority of the marriages in our churches to last and to thrive? It is hard to make headway in our culture against a redefinition of marriage when the divorce rates in our churches are almost as bad as in the general population. The world has a legitimate concern that we need to get our own house in order in this area.

I wonder what marriages were truly like a hundred years ago when the divorce rate was so much lower. Were the majority of those marriages happy and mutually satisfying? Was there a lot of adultery going on in those marriages but nobody talked about it? I don’t know the answers; I just wonder.

Thinking a little bit closer to home, I wonder how to get some couples that we are helping unstuck in their relationships. What do I say, what do I do, to get them out of their endless loop of hurt and pain? I know it is possible because with Christ’s help we pulled out of that cycle and many other couples have. Hopefully I have been sowing good seed that will bear fruit someday.

And then real close to home, what do I do to make my marriage all that God wants it to be, so we can be even more of a  beacon of light to other couples around us and we can take back our culture one marriage at a time?

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