25 Years for Us

We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last Tuesday and are so thankful to Jesus for getting us this far. Here are a few reflections we had over the past 25 years.

We have seen “for better”:

The birth and growth of our twins, Matt and Sarah, times of fun and connectedness,  our reconciliation, and some nice travel experiences both domestically and internationally.

We have seen “for worse”:

A 16-month separation and many years of being emotionally disconnected before that.

We have seen “for richer”:

We have had some profitable years in farming.

We have seen “for poorer”:

We went through a season where it looked like we were headed towards bankruptcy.

We have seen “in sickness”:

I (Richard) had testicular cancer at 30 years old and went through two surgeries and chemo. I also had severe depression before and during our separation.

We have seen “in health”:

Over the years, other than the cancer and my depression, we have had relatively good health.

For me (Richard) the separation was far worse than the financial problems or even the cancer. I struggled more to find hope during our separation than during my sickness, but praise Jesus we are still together.

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