Love is?

I just read the other day that love is commitment. In pop culture love is a feeling as portrayed in movies and song. I got to thinking more deeply about the Biblical view of love.

I am not a Greek scholar but my understanding is that there are at least three Greek words all translated love in English. There is phileo which is friendship love such as your golf buddy. There is eros love which we get the word erotic. Not much to explain there. Then there is agape love that I believe was a new term created after Christ came that is most demonstrated by what He did on the cross for pouring Himself out sacrificially for others.

The Bible says that a cord of three strands is not easily broken and I believe that a marriage built upon the three kinds of love mentioned above – phileo, eros, and agape – can withstand the forces arrayed against it.

The Apostle Paul promised us in a letter to the Corinthians that “Love never fails.”

I want a marriage where my wife is my greatest friend. I want a marriage filled with erotic passion for each other. And when those two kinds of love are not working on all cylinders I want a wife who will continue to love me because she is committed to me, wants the best for me, and can see past my shortcomings to what I can be, and I want to have  that kind of self sacrificing love for her.

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