So, I promised you a post about what we do each day to quickly connect with each other and with God as a couple. It’s not earth shattering, but it’s effective!

Again, we always struggled with praying together each day. We thought it had to be this formal, sit down, pray for 15 minutes event. There were days when we’d try it and almost want to snatch ourselves bald (actually, snatch each other bald!).

We took the pressure off ourselves by deciding to do this simple thing: we pray 30, or 60 or 90 seconds with each other before heading out the door. Yep. That’s it. Life changing.

Since Richard is usually the first one to leave, he makes sure to come and put his hand on my shoulder or arm around me, and prays with me about our day, the kids’ days and for divine appointments throughout the day. We pray protection and blessing over each other. It literally takes 30 to 90 seconds and it’s made a world of difference for us. We connect with each other and we connect with God. I can’t imagine starting our days without it.

Try it and see if it makes a difference in your relationship.

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