To Russia with Love

Our home church, Fellowship Christian, has been ministering in Russia for 20 years. The ministry is done through an organization called Russians Reaching Russians.

Sharon has been to Russia four times in the past and I have been twice and we’ve met many of the leaders of RRR. This year was the 20th anniversary trip which included Russians and Americans celebrating 20 years of working together. We were honored to be asked to do marriage communication training for a group of pastors and a church congregation. What is so amazing is that just seven years ago we were still coming out of our marital crisis. Both workshops were very well received and it was very encouraging to see people hungry to learn more about how to communicate in their relationships.

One of our dreams when we reconciled was to go back to Russia to share our testimony of God’s grace in healing our marriage and to share some of the practical tools that have helped us so much to have a better marriage. It was so satisfying to see that dream come true.

This was the first time we had shared our testimony and the tools using an interpreter and that went very well although it took some practice. What comes through so strongly is that people the world over, no matter what the language or culture, have the same longings of the heart for better marriages and relationships.

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1 Response to To Russia with Love

  1. We’re so proud of you guys and so pleased to hear how it went. The photos are great! Truly, this was a dream come true for you and we praise God with you!

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