Marriage Miracles Conference

“If God wants to give you a miracle for your marriage . . .

. . . would you be willing to receive it?”

Saturday, November 17 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Fellowship Christian Church Worship Warehouse

Springfield, Ohio

Why a marriage miracles conference?

There are couples who are separated with little or no hope of reconciliation

There are couples who are living in a war zone where civility and sexual intimacy are rare

There are couples who are living in mediocrity and boredom

Marriage miracles build faith for miracles in other areas of life

Who should plan to attend?

Couples who are desperate for transformation in their marriage

Individuals whose spouse may be unwilling to attend, but who seek healing for their marriage

Advocates for the marriages of relatives and friends where transformation is needed

Intercessors who have a calling and passion to pray for transformed marriages

For more information and to register for FREE click here.

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4 Responses to Marriage Miracles Conference

  1. Okay…THIS is AWESOME! Tell us more!

  2. Roxanne says:

    So…I know you’ve addressed the topic of non-married couples on your blog in the past. I recently got out of a long term relationship (7 years dating – lived together for 4) with my boyfriend for many of the reasons you’ve talked about here on your blog. We both still love each other, want marriage, a family, etc., but he wasn’t sure if he wanted these things with me. I’ve realized that I made many mistakes in my relationship and have been working on becoming a better person so I can be a better partner. (I’m in therapy, going to mass regularly, attending Al Anon meetings to deal with the effects of growing up in an alcoholic household, have read a lot of the books you’ve suggested) Your story of reconciliation gives me hope, as my ex and I have begun talking again. (I didn’t know if that would even be possible!) We’ve talked about going to church together as friends but he’s not quite ready for that. I pray to God multiple times a day for a miraculous reconciliation. (I also pray for patience as I want to get back together now, now, now, but I realize I have to let go and let God)

    Do you think this seminar would benefit me? I’d be attending as an individual. Not sure if I’d face criticism for wanting to save a relationship versus a marriage, but I do feel like I’m going through a divorce (had to split up belongings, move, etc.) rather than a simple breakup. Your honest opinion is really appreciated. In my heart, I feel like reconciliation is possible. I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this relationship and believe that by bettering myself, I can help us to both be ready for that next step, despite what the naysayers in my life have to say.

    Thanks in advance for your response. And thanks for writing such an inspirational blog. I can’t tell you how helpful your posts have been when I’ve felt downtrodden and alone. I wish more people focused on saving marriages.

    • sewildman says:

      Roxanne, thanks for writing. I’m sorry for the pain of your broken relationship. Yes, I think that this time of focused worship, prayer and testimonies will be an encouragement to you. No one is going to judge you because you were living together and not married. I’ve read that even when you live together and then break up, it’s just like going through a divorce. You have the same emotions and struggles as married couples do who divorce. You are most welcome to come. God can and will minister to you as only He can.

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