Reflections on the Blog Challenge

I have really enjoyed being involved in this blog challenge. I think the most encouraging part has been to be introduced to some new (for me), very good marriage bloggers. I am thrilled how many quality marriage blogs there are with lots of good information and help for couples. It is going to take a while to catch up on reading them.

I have been surprised that it has been relatively easy for me to come up with posts. Maybe it’s partly because I haven’t blogged much for awhile. I am not sure though that I am up for being an every-day blogger though. Probably more like two or three times per week.

I encourage all the bloggers to keep up the good work. For the readers, please keep commenting, linking, sharing, and referring. It is just so encouraging when you realize that you have helped someone.

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1 Response to Reflections on the Blog Challenge

  1. Debi Walter says:

    Thanks, Rich, for taking part in our first challenge. We’re so glad you enjoyed it and actually completed it! What an accomplishment!

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