The Lady Behind the Scenes

I am so thrilled that my wife Sharon and I have reconciled. We have been back together almost eight years. I think it was also eight years ago this week that Jesus helped us make a big turn in our relationship by going to a PAIRS workshop at our church that got us unstuck.

Sharon is the one who makes this website and blog look great. I do the majority of the writing, but she gives it a more professional look. Before we were married she worked in at a publishing company. She tells me that I like run-on sentences too much and I get too comma-happy. I sure appreciate all she does behind the scenes to make my writing more visually pleasing. Every once in awhile she will ask me what in the world I mean because she has no clue and thus my readers probably wouldn’t either. Thankfully, most days she figures out what I mean without asking  and makes it read better.

I gathered a lot of our resources. Unfortunately my organizational skills are a little weak. My filing system for the farm is piles of papers on my desk with Post-It notes scattered around. Without Sharon’s help, I would probably have one list of resources a mile long that you had to slog through to find anything. She has done a lot of work to get them all organized and I really appreciate it.

When Sharon does write, I think she has great posts worth reading. Here are a few you may be interested in.

Being Thankful


Our Weekly Devotions


Sharon is more articulate verbally than I am, so in a tense marital coaching situation, she comes up with the words to help get us and the couple over the hump.

More important though than editing skills or writing skills, what I want you to know about Sharon is that she truly loves and seeks God. I often find her reading her Bible or doing a Bible study. She has a deep desire to help other couples to not go through the struggles in marriage that we did so she encourages those who are struggling to hang in there. She also is passionate about young couples getting off to a good start.

One thing I admire about her is that she doesn’t want to go back to the marriage we had before our separation, so when in the hustle and bustle of life we start to drift into those old patterns, she is quick to get back on track using our skills.

Sharon also has a passion to help home school moms. She did a great job homeschooling our children from second grade through high school. She has made a great transition over the years from being a suburban girl to being a farmer’s wife and I am so proud of her.

Our gifts and talents really do complement one another and for that, and for being back together, I am truly thankful.

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