Google Search Phrase and My Favorite Posts

One thing I have learned from bloggers who have a lot of experience is that you never really know ahead of time which posts will be hits and which won’t. I have been surprised that one of the top Google search phrases that leads people to our blog is variations of “Wedding Rings During Separation.” Here are some of the posts that I have written on the topic.

Wedding Rings During Separation

Wedding Rings During Separation, Part 2

Wedding Rings During Separation, Part 3

Practical Considerations for Wedding Ring During Separation

One my personal favorites of the posts I have written is Shock and Awe and Then Persistence. I think this meant a lot to me because I got a little more fired up in writing than I usually do.

If you have browsed our blog, I would love to know what posts have most touched or inspired you. Thanks for reading.

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