Sideswiped and Going Backwards

This weekend we attended a marriage conference lead by our friends from Grace & Truth Counseling and Coaching, Jeff and Jill Williams. We were not presenters but because we know their material and the conference was relatively large, we had been asked to be there to help with any questions as couples were doing their exercises.

When it came time to do the exercises as couples, we went ahead and did the exercises ourselves. We know the exercises well and we always grow when we do them. Much to our surprise some issues surfaced in our relationship that brought some tension between us. Thankfully we kept doing the exercises plus some others that we also know and we got to a lot better place between us.

I just wanted to encourage you that if you have been in rough spot in your marriage and are starting to come out of it, there are likely to be setbacks, but just keep going with God’s help and things can get a lot better.

I think most couples, no matter how great their marriage, at one time or another go through setbacks. The ones that survive persevere through the setbacks and choose to believe that God can heal whatever the problems are.

Some of the best comments of the weekend were from a couple who had been married 63 years. They didn’t say much but they seemed to truly enjoy one another and they indicated they had had their own bumps in the road. I admire them for showing up to learn something new to improve their relationship.

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