Confessions of a Marriage Blogger

My fellow bloggers have been doing some confessions lately at One Flesh Marriage, The Generous Wife, Hot, Holy and Humorous, The Romantic Vineyard, and Intimacy in Marriage. I got inspired to share also.

1. I get very frustrated when my blogging platform, WordPress, changes menus and things around. When I park my tractor in the barn at night and go back in the morning the gearshift and throttle are still where they were last night when I parked it. Now if John Deere does a software upgrade on the electronics on the tractor GPS it can be just as frustrating as WordPress, especially if I am fired up to plant that day.

2. I go through lots of blogging dry spells. I will get on a roll and have a lot to say but then I will either have nothing to say. Sometimes I just don’t have the time and energy to say it, or I don’t take the time and energy to say it.

3. I write most of this blog but my wife does much of the fixing of my sentence structure and grammar. If you read this before her edits you would be either confused or cringe.

4. At times my wife will read what I wrote and have to come ask me what in the world I am talking about.

5. Once in a while she will send a post back to me because she doesn’t have a clue as to what I am trying to say and can’t make sense of it – although it probably seemed perfectly clear to me.

6. I really appreciate seeing visitors to the blog from around the world.

7. It means a lot to me when we get respectful comments.

8. Our marriage still goes through ups and downs. The difference before our separation until now is that now one of us will realize that we are heading the wrong way and will remind us that we know better and don’t have to live the old way. We remind each other to  use the principles and tools that we teach others. We get back on track a lot quicker than we did in the past.

9. I am impressed with the number of great marriage blogs available.

10. Someday I think I should spend time linking to more marriage blogs.

11. Sometimes I wonder if I am making a difference blogging, but I try to remember that Jesus is my Audience of One, and I want to please Him in what I say.

12. I appreciate our readers and I hope that at least one person every day gets at least one helpful idea, or one more ounce of hope for their marriage and life.

13. My best think time is on the tractor, but those are the nights that by the time I get home I don’t have the energy to blog.

14. I love it when Sharon does a post. I think they are great.

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