Using Facebook Positively In Marriage and Life

One way Sharon and I use Facebook to build our marriage is to share what we have learned from various friends and family members, especially if we do not both have the same person as a friend. For instance, there are many of her high school classmates or my high school classmates that we have not both listed as friends. However, sometimes she will see something important like an honor, or a death in the family, or an accident on one of her friends feeds and she will share the news with me and what that friend meant in her life.

Since Facebook in all of it’s many wonderful news feed algorithms seems to show posts differently on different devices there are times one or the other of us miss significant events in mutual friends lives, so it is nice to make sure that each of us has seen those things. The other day Sharon realized that several of my own status updates had never showed in her news feed and was glad that I told her the things she had missed.

One way I have tried to build my spiritual life is to subscribe to ministry pages that share Scriptures or devotional thoughts. I try to slow down and read and ponder those Scriptures. God’s Word is powerful and effective and does not return void even if it is on Facebook mixed in with all sorts of other things.

Every once in a while when we are on a long drive or totally bored we will go through each others friends lists and just share with each other how we know various people and then we may each add them to our own list.

One thing that has really surprised me, but that I have found helpful, is that often when there are bad roads, or highway accidents, or emergencies like tornado warnings, I will learn about it faster and often in more detail on Facebook or Twitter than if I check our local TV stations or newspaper.

Sharon and I will also from time to time reference each other in a humorous way in a status update. The other day there was a funny post about a husband’s snoring that I linked making reference to Sharon but poking fun at myself.

Another thing I have seen very helpful for people is when they post a problem that needs an answer. Maybe they post about a cooking problem, or a minor medical issue, or a mechanical problem with a tractor or a vehicle. Often they have a helpful answer within minutes.

It has also been very comforting to myself and others in a crisis to post a prayer concern and realize that there are friends and family all across the country and the world who care enough to say a prayer or to share an encouraging word. We experienced that just recently with Sharon’s medical issues.

So, yes, there is a lot of negative garbage and excessive ads and crazy changes from Facebook corporate that drive me nuts, but so far for me, the negatives have not outweighed the positive aspects when used wisely.

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