Getting a Better Perspective on Scripture

One thing that I enjoy and helps me to get a better perspective on Scripture is to go to a website like Bible Gateway and look at a whole book of the Bible using the features of the site to turn off the chapter headings, verses, titles and footnotes. In that way I can read through a book and possibly see a bit clearer what the author was saying and how the readers in the first century may have understood his intentions. That way I do not get distracted by those headings and verses that were added centuries after the books/letters were written.

I am planning to write several posts and tag them “Scriptures in Color” where I have a few of the books of the Bible edited for you without all of the chapters, verses and headings. At the bottom of each post I will link to Bible Gateway so you can do further study if you desire.

Something I have noticed is the amount of Scriptures that are explicitly focused on marriage or on men or women is a relatively small portion of whole books of the Bible in relation to how many are focused on what all believers in general are to do. Some of these verses can be very controversial and are often quoted without the full context within which they were written.

Within these various books there is often a lot about who God and Christ are and what they have done for us, and who we are in Christ with instructions that all believers, both men and women, have been given.

I am going to use different colors to highlight some of these important points. I will use PURPLE to highlight key features of God and Christ. I will use GREEN to highlight how we are to live as brothers and sisters in Christ and who we are in Christ. I will use BLUE for passages that address men or husbands and I will use PINK to highlight passages that address women or wives. Be aware that my highlighting is an inexact science.

I think if we all study the Word more in depth and grasp a little more of who God and Christ are and what they have done for us, and strive to treat our brothers and sisters in Christ as we have been instructed, then we will come to our own marriages and discussions with fellow believers with more loving attitudes when we do see Scriptures differently. I hope you find this helpful.

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