My Social Media

I want to highlight a few things I do that help me to have a positive experience on several social media platforms.

I follow various ministries and Christian authors who use Scriptures in their posts. That way I am reading Scripture on a regular basis throughout the day, not just during my devotions.

I follow a broad range of our families, both close relatives and some I have never met in person. It’s just interesting to learn more about them through following their social media.

I follow quite a few classmates from high school and a few from college. It keeps me connected to past friends. It’s interesting to see how their lives have changed, knowing that several have become Christians, and some have had very adventurous lives.

I have a broad range of political and religious views represented in my feed so I have a better understanding of how people who may not share my views see the world. It helps me to see them more as people and not just “opinions” as they share about the triumphs and tragedies in their lives.

I often see information about local traffic jams, fires, etc. on social media before I see them on the regular media. There is usually better information about all of these things from friends posting rather than reading only part of the story repetitively from regular media.

We have actually had friends warn us about tornadoes heading our way before we got app alerts because they happened to see the warnings on a different station. Sure appreciate the heads up in those situations!

And every now and then when someone shares way too often for my preference or the tenor of their posts is too out of my comfort zone, I will click on snoozing them for a period of time. So, I am still friends with them, but I don’t see every post. If I hear of a triumph or tragedy in their lives I can quickly reconnect and encourage them.

Just some of my thoughts…

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