Couple Checkup by Prepare & Enrich

We have been marriage mentors for several years. One of the resources we often use to help us understand a couple, and for them to understand themselves, is an assessment by Prepare & Enrich. The assessment has been developed from years of research and there are different versions for married, engaged and dating.

Prepare & Enrich does a great job highlighting various strengths and growth areas in a couple’s relationship. You each take an online assessment which asks many questions about things such as finances, communication, sexuality, spirituality, and more. A computer compares your answers, analyzes them, and sends a report to whomever your trained facilitator is. Once your facilitator has the results back, they will review them with you.

Prepare & Enrich now has a shorter version of the assessment available, called The Couple Checkup, that is designed for couples to purchase, take, and review the results on their own without a trained facilitator.

If you are a couple that has a relatively stable relationship, but may have some minor issues to improve upon, the Couple Checkup might be for right you. It works well when you may not have time to locate and meet with a trained facilitator. You can find it here: The Couple Checkup

If you are a couple who is really struggling, I would highly suggest that you find a trained Prepare & Enrich facilitator. If you go through them to purchase your codes, you will also get access to the more advanced version of Prepare & Enrich. Depending on the level of distress you are in and their level of training, the facilitator may be able to give you the support you need. Or they may be able to direct you to more appropriate levels of trained helpers or even a counselor. You can find it here: Prepare & Enrich Assessment

It is amazing how accurate these assessments have been in highlighting the underlying strengths and growth areas both in our own relationship and in the relationships of others we have helped.

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