“Maybe someone different would have been better.” – NOT!

Back in my early 20’s when I was wanting to be married I made a list of three or four women that I had seriously dated and then made a chart of their common character qualities. Some of the qualities that stood out were they were Christians and loved Jesus, they appreciated children, most had some musical inclination, and they were mostly good students.

I continued to look for those and other character qualities in women that I dated after college. They were such consistent qualities in those women I figured they must be significant to me.

When I met Sharon she fit right in with the same character traits which was very encouraging. It confirmed to me that I was on the right track in asking her to marry me.

Flash forward a few years and we have a lot of marriage problems and a separation. I think it is only human in that situation to ask, “Would I have been happier with someone else that was on my list?”. Sharon has even asked me questions like that.

Realistically I believe the answer is, “No, I probably wouldn’t have been happier with these other women.” I know from many personal conversations and my own observations that these women have all had their ups and downs in life and marriage. I am convinced life wouldn’t have been a walk in park with any of them. We may have struggled with some of the very same issues that Sharon and I have and probably a few different ones depending on each person’s personality.

In spite of all of our ups and downs I am still thankful that I asked Sharon to marry me, I am thankful that she said “yes”, and I am thankful that we reconciled.

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