Adultery Wake Up Call

God’s Word says, “Thou shall not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14). So often it is easy to think that God wants to prevent fun but His commands are for our protection.

As I read about Tiger Woods I try to put myself in his shoes and ponder what he must feel like now. I look at pictures of Elin and him and the kids when they looked so happy. Now he is at risk of losing all of that. It must be quite sobering to realize that he has lost sponsors. I suspect it is painful to see various women that he trusted, sharing many intimate secrets all over the place. Wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere in all of that there might not be someone even making stuff up.

I read about John Edwards and think how it must feel to be him. There are polls out showing people have little respect for him. On the one hand I would think he would have at least some human compassion for his wife’s cancer situation. On the other hand he now has responsibility for providing for another child.

The Bible talks about being embarrassed in front of the community. That has certainly come true for these men. All of this is just a reminder to me to keep pursuing love with the wife of my youth.

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