If you are in a marriage where you want to save it and your spouse wants out it is easy to feel hopeless. Usually your spouse wants out because they are feeling hopeless of things ever improving.

Jesus is ultimately our only hope. The more you connect with Him the more hope you will have because He is the God of all hope.

I found great hope in hearing others’ stories. If you need hope here are some places to look:

Friends who want your marriage to succeed, family who are for the marriage, and anyone who has been able to reconcile their marriage. Talk to all of them. Often pastors and counselors will know of people who would be willing to share their testimony or forgiveness and reconciliation.

The video series Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce has some awesome testimonies of reconciled marriages.

The support group called Divorce Care has a week dedicated to testimonies of reconciliation.

We pray you find hope for your marriage as you look at our website and the resources available.

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