Supporting Single Parents (Elsa Kok Colopy AMFM Workshop)

At AMFM’s (The Association of Marriage and Family Ministries) conference last week one of the breakout workshops featured Elsa Kok Colopy sharing about how to support single parents.

She gave her testimony of going from a cigarette smoking, Lone Star waitress, struggling single mother who had made many relationship mistakes, to a leader of women’s ministry in a mega church in about six years. After that she went on to write for Focus on the Family and now is doing her own writing and speaking.

What was most touching about her testimony was hearing of the people along the way who had loved her just as she was and believed in her. One couple was a pastor and his wife from a small Methodist church who invited her to dinner and also watched her daughter while she went out in the evening. Another supporter was a Mary Kay lady who was so excited for Elsa the day Elsa got the first box of her new book back from the printer.

The takeaway message is that the smallest acts of kindness are hugely appreciated by single parents especially when done in an attitude of love with no judgment. Over time those things can help people to become more than they ever asked or imagined God could make them.

To learn more about Elsa go to

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