Wedding Rings as Protection during Separation

I wore my wedding ring throughout our 16-month separation. Although I can’t prove it I often wonder if my ring didn’t protect me from unwanted advances from women. I cannot think of a time in 16 months that I was hit upon in an inappropriate way.

Often I would go to a restaurant such as Applebee’s or Outback and get seated quickly by sitting at the bar and ordering food. One night in particular I remember sitting on the corner with a lady seated diagonally from me and then a man on the other side of her. They were talking loud enough I could pretty well tell that most likely they did not know one another. I don’t remember exactly what they said but it was just a friendly conversation, nothing particularly romantic, sexy, or whatever. They chatted up a storm, but I barely got her to acknowledge me and say hello.

I often wondered if she saw my ring and shied away from engaging me in conversation, which was a good thing since I wanted to preserve my marriage. I realize that wearing the ring sometimes helped keep temptation at bay.

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4 Responses to Wedding Rings as Protection during Separation

  1. David says:

    My ring stays on as I search out God’s heart. The court desolved my marriage several years ago, just not getting the release to ‘move on’, although it would be the easiest thing to do! (is this crazy thinking)? The ring reminds me of my covenant with Jesus, can’t do it aside from grace.

  2. Jeff says:

    I am the same way. I choose to keep wearing my ring no matter what anyone says. I have been separated two months and though my situation looks hopeless to the outside world, I am fully believing God for a miracle.

    • sewildman says:

      The world and even the church will give up on marriage much quicker than God ever wants us to. Keep growing deeper and closer in your relationship with the Lord and persevere.

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