Practical Considerations for Wedding Ring During Separation

I know I have heavily emphasized wearing your wedding ring during separation and I do strongly believe that is important, however, I realize that there are practical considerations where some may not believe that is best to do 24/7.

For instance I farm and I know people who have been hurt as farmers or mechanics who have injured their fingers during work and I know people in the medical profession who have to wear those tight gloves all of the time that can have challenges with rings.

My encouragement for you if you are in such a situation is to really be proactive about putting your rings back on when you are going to be in non-work settings. Having the ring on is a great way to remind yourself of your commitment and it is a great way to signal to others that you are still committed to your spouse.

I know that there was a time during our separation when Sharon and I had very little interaction on a day to day basis, and even though I still had my ring on, I often felt like I was single again. I dread to think what would have happened if I had taken my ring off and really started to live the single life style. I think it would have been much easier to slip into that mentality without my ring.

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